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UK businesses simply “not adopting BYOD”

Just 4 per cent of UK firms are adopting a full BYOD (bring your own device) policy and 44 per cent only have a partial strategy, claims new research.

This leaves a total of 55 per cent of companies in the UK which have no BYOD practices at all.

IT industry regulator CompTIA’s 3rd Annual Trends in Enteprise Mobility report revealed the information.

The report, which gathered information from over 650 businesses across the UK and US, said that the majority of British participants still control the deployment and usage of mobile devices across the workplace.

Of the businesses polled that do provide employees with mobile devices, 87 per cent provide laptops, 85 per cent provide smartphones and 63 per cent provide tablets.

“Mobile devices get used heavily in employees’ personal lives, but there are enterprise aspects such as encryption, proper security settings and enterprise apps that require further and ongoing education,” claimed Seth Robinson, CompTIA technology analysis director.

“Policy formation is an important step in building a mobility plan that aligns with business objectives. By drawing various lines of business together and discussing the business requirements along with any IT concerns, companies can set priorities and establish procedures for addressing issues as changes are needed,” he added.

UK results “typical”

The report claims that the UK follows typical BYOD adoption and 43 per cent of respondents believe their firm is above average levels of adoption, while 57 per cent say their adoption is average or below average.

Of those polled, 63 per cent said they believed their smartphone deployment placed them in the advanced adoption category and 49 per cent said the same about tablets.