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74% of UK consumers stress importance of content over devices

UK consumers are increasingly noticing the value of content over the device it sits on with close to three quarters of respondents to a survey admitting this is the case and moving to take on a protection plan offering just that.

Research carried out by Inhance Technology showed that 74 per cent of consumers value the content on a device over the smartphone or tablet itself and among young adults aged 18-34 the number rockets to 86 per cent.

Women are more worried about content compared to men, a situation illustrated by a split of 78 per cent to 69 per cent and this has as much to do with insurance confidence as it does with the importance of content.

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Content is also at the forefront when it comes to mobile protection plans as 46 per cent of UK consumers agreed that they would be more likely to buy a plan if it includes an app to safeguard content. This was even more the case among young people as 57 per cent favour this approach.

“The findings have serious implications for mobile retailers, carriers and insurance companies in terms of their warranty and insurance programs,” said Paul Prendergast, CEO, Inhance Technology. “Today’s smart consumer wants a device protection policy that will not only replace the device if lost, stolen or damaged but protect the sensitive and valuable data contained in smartphones and tablets.”

Even though content is becoming more important, consumers are still worried about being relieved of goods by muggers, and one in five UK consumers stated they were more worried about being a victim of this than 12 months ago.

26 per cent of women are more anxious about being mugged than last year and 30 per cent in the young adult category are more concerned about muggings than the year before.

Inhance Technology’s research was part of the iReach Consumer Omnibus Survey carried out in March 2014 that reached 1,000 respondents in the UK.