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GTT issues five top tips to CIOs for future proofing networks

GTT has unveiled its top five considerations for future-proofing networks that it thinks all CIOs should be implementing with a matter of urgency in the current climate of increasing cloud adoption.

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The global cloud networking provider’s MD Andy Johnson told the Cloud World Forum that the role of the CIO is changing and accordingly those taking up the position must design an end-to-end network infrastructure that is constructed with optimum performance in mind.

Johnson then went on to outline the company’s top five considerations for making sure networks are ready for the future, which are as follows:

  1. Global reach and capacity
  2. Privacy, security and reliability
  3. Seamless convergence
  4. Cloud Computing Destinations
  5. Growth and Scalability

Johnson’s sentiments when it comes to the CIO position follow a constant stream of advice and writing that stress the need for those in the position to either adapt or the job will become obsolete.

One such piece of research, from IT services firm Advanced 365, found that CIOs should take a lead in recommending and deploying new technology and systems, instead of managing legacy IT systems, so that roles remain relevant.

Other surveys have found that cloud adoption is still being held back by security worries among CIOs and this is one thing that GTT’s tips takes into account thus suggesting that CIOs weren’t far off in worrying so much about security.

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GTT operates a global Tier 1 IP network with an interconnected Ethernet service platform that is one of the highest in its category across the globe. It has expanded to open a fifth facility in Europe in Belfast, Northern Ireland and also has offices in London, Milan, Cagliari and Frankfurt with the first Asian office opening in Hong Kong this year.