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Twitter user mistaken for Phil Neville gets hail of abuse

The mistaken-identity bug has once again hit Twitter after an innocent user was hit with a barrage of abuse meant for former England and Manchester United player Phil Neville.

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Phil Neville, a radiator salesman from Suffolk, became an overnight sensation on the social networking site after his @philneville account received the disparaging comments meant for his BBC commentary name-sake.

"Some were very abusive. One person said 'I hope you die'. Working in the sales industry, my name has been a benefit - people do remember me. With Twitter there are some real positives, but there are downsides - particularly if you're famous,” the radiator industry Neville told the BBC. "Some comments were comical and I've seen the funny side, but there are some sad people out there."

The comments came after Neville made his BBC commentary bow covering an England game at a World Cup during the 2-1 defeat against Italy on Saturday night and the BBC has already confirmed that 445 complaints were received about the former player’s words of wisdom.

"1st live co-comm last night-sometimes u have to take the criticism - it will only make me better- thanks for the feedback(ahhahaha)!" the footballer Tweeted after the game.

The broadcasting corporation confirmed that Neville would continue to play “a key role throughout the tournament” even though he has been hit with criticism for being dull and boring.

Sir Chris Hoy, the multi gold medal winning cyclist, is one that has been on the receiving end of similar abuse in the past as Premier League referee Chris Foy’s name is one letter off his with Chelsea and Tottenham fans going to town on the cyclist’s errant decisions.

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On Neville’s part he has handed over the tweets to the Police and it’s unclear as to whether any action will be taken as a result.

Image Credit: Flickr (Dan Farrimond)