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Whitepaper: Why and how to choose the right cloud vendor

Without a doubt, the demand for data storage is exploding dramatically. This is driving up costs, amplifying the risks of data loss or exposure, and complicating plans for disaster recovery. To cope, organizations are turning to cloud-based storage for relief. The adoption of cloud solutions is growing, with a nearly 40 percent expansion in the use of third-party cloud storage for offsite copies expected by 2012.

At the same time, mid-sized enterprises are migrating away from tape backup. They are trying to extricate themselves from the complex infrastructure and burdensome responsibilities of tape hardware, tape libraries, and complex and error-prone tape-based processes. These organizations are finding cloud-based data protection to be especially attractive—effectively reducing the cost of ownership associated with the entire backup infrastructure of disk, deduplication disk, tape, tape libraries, backup servers, and other components. Cloud-based data protection also lowers the cost of downtime from an emergency such as a natural disaster. For IT departments asked to do more with less, this is a welcome solution.

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