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Get ready for Amazon's new 3D smartphone - it's launching today

Amazon is expected to take its first steps into the smartphone sphere today, launching a device that will aim to tap into the growing trend among consumers to shop via their mobile phones.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will be leading the launch of a "mystery product" on Wednesday at the company's Seattle campus. According to Reuters, industry specialists have predicted that this will be the long-rumoured Amazon smartphone, which has been in development for some years.

The online retail company's desire to launch its own handset is a key indicator of how quickly smartphones and tablets are outstripping PCs as the means to view and buy online items. If Amazon launches the go-to device for shopping online, it could be carving a huge slice of a market that's growing exponentially.

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Still, the handset would launch in a highly saturated market. Dominated by Apple, as well as Samsung's Galaxy range, the smartphone battlefield is crowded and difficult to cut through. Amazon's new product will have to be truly unique to stand out and break through entrenched brand loyalty in new customers.

One way it plans to do this is, reportedly, through a 3D screen that works without 3D glasses, made possible through six cameras placed around the screen. Analysts have also claimed that Amazon's Prime membership program will be tied to the phone, offering customers movie-streaming and two day delivery.

Interestingly, a new smartphone would mark another monumental shift in Amazon's history. The Seattle-based company broke into the online market selling books, but rode out the decline of the paperback by expanding into other retail areas, introducing its own e-reader and manufacturing original TV shows.

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