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Extravagant iPhone owners snap up luxury rooms; Frugal Android users go budget

Apple device owners are more extravagant than Android counterparts with new research showing that iPhone and iPad users book hotel rooms that have a higher star rating.

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The spontaneous nature of mobile customers was highlighted by the survey with same-day or next-day searches making up one in every three European mobile app bookings. Further to this business travel takes on added significance and one night stays make up 56 per cent of all mobile bookings.

"The prevalence of last minute, shorter stays being booked via mobile devices shows that on-the-go booking is helping travel become a more spontaneous experience, as well as making jetting off for short-notice meetings easier than ever,” said Kate Hopcraft of

When it comes to the destinations searched for by UK customers using a mobile device, London comes out on top followed by New York and the surprise package in third place is Manchester. Completing the top five places on the list are Paris and Edinburgh.

Data released in February 2013 showed that 60 per cent of Apple iPhone users spend over $100 [£60] on a monthly mobile bill compared to 53 per cent of Android users and much of this has to do with the lower end devices on Android that aren’t offered by Apple.

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Apple’s iOS App Store also makes a lot more revenue from app downloads compared with its counterpart even though Google Play has a significantly higher number of total downloads from the store, again reflecting the spending habits of the user-base.

Image Credit: Flickr (William Warby)