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IBM banking on cloud computing hype to never die down

IBM's European CTO John McLean reckons that the cloud will be around to power business growth for years to come.

Speaking at Cloud World Forum in London, McLean said, "We are still at the beginning of a journey. Cloud is changing the way businesses interact with their users and business partners like never before."

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He went on to highlight the need for companies to increase collaboration between their IT departments, business strategists and core developers, as the need for mobile and social cloud operations rises.

Most firms are expected to follow a building block approach to cloud strategy, known as "composable business" to those within IBM.

"It doesn't matter if you're IBM, a 100-year old company or born on the web and never used a physical server – staying ahead of the curve is really the name of the game," he continued.

According to McLean, the cloud provides a massive range of benefits, such as giving developers access to a robust set of tools and service compositions, and aiding IT managers by automating complex processes.

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HPC solutions manager at the Science and Technology Facilities Council, David Moss, agreed: "The cloud will help everyone change."

"It costs Jaguar £500,000 to run a physical crash test on all of their new vehicles. Using cloud-based high performance computing, it costs them just £12 to do a similar test using a data-based simulation."