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Mobile app of the day: Pocket Casts

It has been a little while since I last selected a Chromecast supporting app, but the time has come again with Pocket Casts. Chromecast is the £30 dongle from Google that you plug into your TV, which can then receive media sent to it from your handset or tablet for display on the big screen. This isn't just an Android thing, either; there are Chromecast supporting apps on iOS too, and Pocket Casts is one of them.

This app has long been favoured by podcast fans, and that's because it is a pretty sophisticated affair. Of course it offers the standard facilities of search, download and play – but there's a lot more going on here.

One feature I really like is the auto-download of your favourite casts without even having to open the app. Pocket Casts is fast too. There's a sleep timer so you can fall asleep in the knowledge that a podcast will stop playing on its own after you've dropped off, synchronisation across different devices, auto-resume of dropped downloads, separation of audio and video casts in the menu as well as separation of unplayed casts, and lots more.

Click here to download Pocket Casts for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Pocket Casts

OS: Android, iOS

Price: £2.49