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Sage Secrets to my Success startup event as it happened

Business software provider Sage is holding a special event tailored for entrepreneurs, startups and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on 18 June, and ITProPortal will be there to cover it live.

Entitled 'Secrets to my Success', it will focus on providing aspiring business people with the advice, tips and knowledge they require to build a successful organisation.

Attendees will be able to view insightful, 30-minute talks from experts from the likes of SwiftKey and, as well participate in a range of intimate question and answer sessions. Sage will also be hosting extensive networking opportunities with over 150 small businesses.

For more of what to expect from the Sage event, check out our recent roundup.

  • 18 June
  • 20:45

    "If you move sideways, forwards and sometimes back, you'll always end up somewhere that's ahead of the game. That's why tech is so exciting."

  • 20:40

    "We advise everyone to have a second office. Ours is the pub."

  • 20:35 just launched this week. Now that's a startup fresh out of Tech City!

  • 20:34

  • 20:32

    "As a startup owner, you're naturally an optimist - you always think something good will come out of what you do."

  • 20:32

    Now we're on to Gatherly - the winners of the bag yourself a billboard competition!

  • 20:31

    Interesting stuff from Opendesk!

  • 20:22

    Porthole Ad

    Now it's on to the guys from OpenDesk! Great stuff so far!

  • 20:19

  • 20:13

    "Keep your friend's close and your enemies closer applies to business. You never know where your next collaboration project will come from."

  • 20:07

    "Lead the process, don't be lead."

  • 20:07

    "Investors back people they trust with their cash, so build a relationship and plan ahead." Basically, in cash conversion cycles where you identify who might invest in you 6-12 months before you finally ask them for money.

  • 20:03

    Calver also advises young startups to not be shy, and when they leave a meeting don't be afraid to ask "It was lovely to talk to you, do you know of anyone else you might be able to introduce me to?"

  • 20:02

    "Never let truth get in the way of a good story" - In other words, never forget the power of word of mouth when creating opportunity round your startups.

  • 20:00

    Or more like billion pound ones - the World Cup's on, let's be patriotic

  • 19:59

    "We have the ability in Europe, and especially in the UK, to build billion dollar businesses."

  • 19:58

  • 19:57

    Clearly, if you want to be CEO of a global company, it pays to schmooze.

  • 19:57

    Calver says that a huge percentage of his jobs, including his role at LoveFilm, was swung through people that he knew - contacts that he'd made that presented opportunities to him at a later date.

  • 19:54

    In other words, this guy has a CV so bright to look at it will burn your retinas. The crowd has sat forward on their brightly-coloured beanbags in anticipation.

  • 19:53

    Next up is Simon Calver, who is now the chairman of but formerly was the CEO of LOVEFiLM International, vice president and general manager at Dell and vice president of international sales operations at Pepsi.

  • 19:51

    Asked whether they are recruiting internationally, Lucy Yu dodges the question and says that they recruit mainly from universities. Turns out the two co-founders graduated from Cambridge university themselves, and the company still has strong links to their old colleges.

  • 19:40

    "The test of your office environment is whether people choose to come in when they have a choice"

  • 19:33

    "Nobody, not even the CEO, has their own private office!"

  • 19:31
    Remember to tweet Sage (@sageuk) if you want a chance to win £100 in Hailo credit, and there's even an iPad up for grabs! (You'll also get featured on this snazzy live stream board)
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  • 19:26

    Great stuff from Peter Briffett of YPlan! Now on to Lucy Yu, VP of people and culture for Swiftkey.

  • 19:24

    You have to have a great pitch too. It needs to be succinct because people either buy or don't buy into ideas QUICKLY.

  • 19:23

    Don't just sit back and hope that fortune finds you.

  • 19:23

    Luck is obviously important, but Peter says that you have to try to make some of your own.

  • 19:22

    Quick Q&A session...

  • 19:22

    Peter's final tip: use your network to the max, because you can't put a value on good, free advice.

  • 19:21

  • 19:21

    Get your basics right. Peter cannot stress this enough.

  • 19:20

    Prioritising is key, especially if you have a limited budget and you aren't doing as well as you wish you were.

  • 19:20

    You must learn to mange your time as well as possible.

  • 19:19

    Work out who your competition is. With YPlan, it's Ticketmaster and the web.

  • 19:17

    Not just talking about colleagues anymore, by the way. This is external too.

  • 19:17

    If you figure people out, you can influence them a lot more easily.

  • 19:15

    Find out how your colleagues best absorb information.

  • 19:15

    There are three types of people in business: knowers, feelers and thinkers.

  • 19:14

    If you've got customers, find out what attracted them to your service. This can be incredibly powerful.

  • 19:13

    It can actually help you make massive cost savings. Consumer recommendations can be worth their weight in gold. (I am aware that social media updates don't actually weigh anything.)

  • 19:11

    Social media is incredibly important.

  • 19:11

    In other words, it's more beneficial to be a master of one trade than a jack of everything.

  • 19:10

    It then developed a clear battle plan and brand and focused on one key area. As a result, the company became meaningful amongst a particular set of consumers.

  • 19:09

    Back in the day, Peter's business was quite popular amongst a small base of users, but it didn't specialise in one particular area.

  • 19:08

    Unless your business stands for something, you're never going to grow very much. You need to own something.

  • 19:07

    Apple is probably the most successful company, in terms of keeping its early consumer base.

  • 19:07

    Your customer base are early innovators. But they don't stay forever. They'll leave for some other shining lights.

  • 19:06

    If you want to be a big business, you're going to have to deal with the fact that not every customer you have is an early adopter.

  • 19:05

    "It helps to know where you are."

  • 19:05

  • 19:05

    Not quite as enjoyable though.

  • 19:04

    Peter openly admits that he's had a load of failures throughout his career, which are pretty much just as important as the successes.

  • 19:02

    For those of you that don't know, YPlan is one of the UK's biggest ever startup success stories. If you're ever stuck on social plans, check out the app.

  • 19:00

    Our first guest speaker is about to step up. Introducing YPlan's COO, Peter Briffett.

  • 18:58

    The presenter is up on stage. Getting a little bit of background on Sage, which is hosting this evening's event.

  • 18:58

    It's filling up nicely. There's still one bean bag left though.

  • 18:57

  • 18:53

    Going to play a bit of spot the difference now...

  • 18:50

    The loudspeaker has just gathered everyone into the main room. The big show's about to get kick off.

  • 18:48

    Open plan and chalkboards everywhere. It can only mean one thing: startup-fest!

  • 18:44

    Loving the Wayra office decor!

  • 18:42

    Remember to tweet @sageuk #sagebizhuddle for a chance to win £100 worth of Hailo credit!

  • 18:41

    A lot of enthusiastic startup discussion going on, and the cameras are here to capture it!

  • 18:39

    Great to see so many people gathering to celebrate great startups!

  • 18:34

    Anyont at the event tonight should let Sage know by tweeting them @sageuk #sagebizhuddle for a chance to win £100 worth of Hailo credit. That could go a long way!

  • 18:30

    There's bean bags, snazzy little cushions, nibbles, drinks and mingling aplenty. If you're not already here, get a shuffle on.

  • 18:30

    We've landed.

  • 16:57

    For everyone heading to the Sage event tonight, things are kicking off at 6, and it's at the offices of Wayra UK:

    Shropshire House 2-10

    Capper St


    WC1E 6JA

    United Kingdom

  • 16:54

    Join us tonight for an evening of expert talks by startup leaders, Q&As and the chance to network with like-minded people. The event is free and refreshments are on the house! How can you resist?

    For more information, check out the event page.