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UK Schools must take advantage of the cloud and high-speed broadband to succeed

UK schools must start taking advantage of cloud-based technology and high-speed broadband in order to empower a future education that is at the forefront of worldwide innovation.

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A report entitled “Technology in Education: A System View” that was co-authored by a group made up of Samsung, European Electronique, and the Education Foundation set out a number of different factors that should help to drive the future of technology in education.

“It’s clear that technology in many forms will continue to be a significant part of learning and teaching; and the power of technology to support, change and challenge learners is exciting and essential in supporting a vibrant and prosperous economy. We hope that people reading the report will find some ideas that they can take into their learning environment and use to make a positive impact!” stated Yolanta Gill, CEO of the European Electronique.

The group, which was set up after a request by the UK Department for Education to identify emerging solutions and the barriers facing schools when it comes to technology, published six major factors that must be taken into account for education to benefit from technology.

When it comes to infrastructure the report stressed the need for access to high quality broadband for all, as it will bring significant benefits. Schools should adopt cloud-based technology with the choice of devices based on flexibility and total costs of ownership in order to access significant savings.

The report also found technology must be more strategically linked to achievement and learning in all schools, and collaboration must drive knowledge and advice sharing on a central website that can be accessed by all teachers.

Lastly the report stated that the use of technology to improve achievement must be recognised more prominently and systematically, and an accountability framework with clear guidance best practice should be created.

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An event taking place this evening at the House of Commons, which is hosted by Graham Stuart MP, chair of the Education Select Committee, will mark the launch of the report and Matt Hancock, the Skills Minister, and Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, will be in attendance.