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Mobile app of the day: Watchup

If you're a fan of news aggregators then you probably have a favourite app or two, but you do the rounds from time to time to see if any of the 'maybe' apps on your list have changed recently, or if there's anything new out there worthy of your attention.

Here's an option for you – or indeed for anyone who is not yet using a news aggregator. Watchup takes a different approach to news aggregation in that it is video-based. It'll grab video according to your interests, then just play and play and play. It can even work out a daily newscast for you based on the kinds of stuff you like best, and then alert you to watch it. So you could even use Watchup as a wake up alarm. Wake up, pick up handset, watch your newscast. Okay, so maybe that's a bit too geeky for many of us.

Because a lot of news is still delivered in the written form, (oh, how terribly old fashioned), Watchup also links in to text-based articles. The Android version of this app is tablet-friendly but not handset-friendly. Still, if you are interested in this app keep checking for the smartphone-friendly version. The iOS version is equally slick on handsets and tablets.

Click here to download Watchup for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Watchup

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free