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Tesco Hudl 7in tablet for £59.00

By now, Tesco's 7in Hudl tablet seems on-course to be one of the surprise tech success stories of last year. 35,000 were sold within a few days of launch – not exactly iPad figures, but not bad for a supermarket own brand – and you can own one for a startlingly low price of £59 due to this eBay seller's refurbishment of pre-owned tablets.

The Hudl goes one better than most budget tablets with a 1440 x 900 resolution IPS panel, which at 242 ppi might not hit the 323 ppi pixel density of the Nexus 7, but in everyday use it isn't far behind.

The Hudl is a real contender for cash-strapped Brits, giving you a good screen, solid build quality and perfectly adequate performance and battery life without the restrictions that come with Amazon's Kindle Fire HD.

If you're looking for a second tablet for the family it's a bargain, particularly if you can use some Tesco clubcard points, and it's discrete enough that – with the right case – you wouldn't mind it on your daily commute either.

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