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Whitepaper: Optimise workloads to achieve success with cloud and big data

As organisations grow and expand, the amount of data they generate also increases exponentially. This is especially true on today's smarter planet, where instrumented, interconnected and intelligent businesses collect, process, use and store more information than ever before. In addition, the roles of big data and business analytics are becoming more important to business.

These changes, along with the trend toward cloud-based services and virtual servers, are leading to increasingly complex, heterogeneous infrastructures. And all these different platforms and varied business operations require new applications. The result? The creation of numerous workloads in separate silos, which are difficult to manage not only because of their complexity and because of IT resource constraints, but also because they require human intervention. With up to thousands of applications and services running on any given day, IT administrators can no longer handle them all manually or with poor automation.

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