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Adobe implements major update for Creative Cloud

Adobe has launched a major upgrade for its Creative Cloud subscription suite which is available now, with some considerable tinkering having been done across the board, on both the desktop and mobile fronts.

Adobe is promising users better performance, workflow efficiencies, support for new hardware and of course a wheelbarrow-full of new features.

Okay, so what are the all-important new headline features? First up, Photoshop CC which now offers Blur Gallery motion effects for, well, capturing a sense of motion, and a Focus Mask feature that allows you to select an object in focus, pulling it out of the rest of a blurry image. Other fresh touches include font search and instant font preview.

Illustrator CC now has Live Shapes, to swiftly transform rectangles into complex forms (non-destructively) with a few simple clicks, and InDesign CC offers a new EPUB Fixed Layout to enable users to put together eBooks much more easily, along with support for moving rows and columns around in tables by dragging and dropping.

Introductions to Adobe's video apps include Masking and Tracking, and Live Text Templates. Dreamweaver CC features a new Live View Editing feature, which allows you to visually edit your page and preview changes without having to switch between display modes and constantly refresh. And this is just scratching the surface...

In terms of mobile, there's a bunch of new apps subscribers can download, including Adobe Sketch (free-form drawing on the iPad), Adobe Line (precision drawing), and Adobe Photoshop Mix which brings powerful Photoshop tools to the iPad for the first time. There's also Lightroom for the iPhone.

And there's new hardware on offer, too, in the form of Adobe Ink, a Creative Cloud-connected digital pen, and Adobe Slide, a digital ruler for creating precise sketches and lines.

Furthermore, Adobe has launched fresh subscription plans for the service, with a new offering designed for photographers – from hobbyists to pros – which costs £8.78 per month. The Complete plan for Students and Teachers is now available at £15.88 per month for the first year, as well. Finally, Adobe has also added file storage and collaboration capabilities for Enterprise, along with a new dashboard for user/rights management.