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Nokia teases mysterious announcement on conversations page

The Nokia Conversations website has got tongues wagging online after it uploaded a timer counting down to a mysterious announcement set to be revealed in three days.

The only other clues on the page are a green striped teaser image, the title "Green With Envy" and an enigmatic "Summer brings our inner glow...."

Some are speculating that whilst this is branded as a Nokia event, it may be Microsoft behind the curtain pulling the strings. In April Redmond acquired Nokia for £4.4 billion and now owns Nokia Conversations.

Intriguingly, this is the area associated with smartphones.

Consequently, this could be the rumbling beginnings of another Windows Phone, perhaps the Lumia 930. However, it could also be a new Android phone or even the Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan update that's due out this summer. Although Cyan is definitely not green, so the "Green With Envy" tag and image doesn't really fit.

Over on the page excited Nokia fans have been comparing theories in the comments section, with many hypothesising that a rebooted X Phone launch is imminent.

Abhijeet Mishra, however, is anxious. "Please Nokia," he implores, "don't launch an underpowered Android phone with much poorer hardware than your Windows Phone devices and think people will be envious. At least try and compete with the Moto E."