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OnePlus One smartphone delayed again over font error

A shipment of OnePlus One smartphones heading for Europe has been delayed for two weeks due to having incorrect font on the back of the handsets.

In a somewhat embarrassing setback, Android World reported that the company explained to consumers the reasons for the delay to the prototype shipment in an e-mail sent this week.

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"The issue stems from our vision for the design of the OnePlus One," the company said in the email. "For the back cover, we wanted the regulatory icons and text to be in harmony with each other and appear be as minimalistic as possible. In order to achieve this, we modified the CE icon to match the other icons."

With the EU known for its strict adherence to regulations, the shipment's rejection should come as no surprise, but this is not the first setback to hit the much-hyped smartphone.

Last week, it was revealed that a serious software error needed to be corrected before the handset could launch. OnePlus has offered the affected customers complimentary screen protectors and covers when the phone ships later this month.

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The OnePlus One smartphone, which promises specs similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, but for a fraction of the cost at £229, has the potential to shake up the Android phone market, but the latest in a series of issues will leave consumers wary that the device really is too good to be true.