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Twitter COO duties doled out to Bain and Stricker

Twitter will split the COO duties between two different members of staff in order to try and trigger an upsurge in user numbers that have been slowing in recent months.

Ali Rowghani’s departure from the COO role means that Adam Bain has been put in charge of revenue and partnerships whereas Gabriel Stricker will take responsibility for marketing and media, according to each member of staff’s Twitter profile.

The changes were later confirmed to Re/code by a spokesperson from Twitter and as well as the new roles handed to Bain and Stricker, other parts of Rowghani’s role have been spread out across the team.

Jana Messerschmidt is tasked with overseeing business development as well as developer relations and Katie Jacobs Stanton, the international growth and strategy head, is now under the management of Stricker.

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Stanton is still the leading internal candidate to take on Twitter’s media across the globe and eyes will be on how it works in the TV space to develop partnerships that will help safeguard its future growth.

Rowghani’s departure came as a result of increased tensions with chief executive Dick Costolo that concerned whether the former should continue to oversee product innovation despite the fact that growth had slowed significantly.

Another to depart at the same time as the former COO is Chloe Sladden, who headed up North America media under Rowghani and its this that could fall under the auspices of Stanton, if she is appointed to the global media role.

The social networking service has experienced slow growth for two quarters running and even admitted that its 255 million monthly users are checking the service less frequently than a year previously.