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Whitepaper: Why cloud backup? Top 10 reasons

Protecting vital information is critical to your survival—no matter what the size or type of your business. Recent studies show that 93 percent1 of organisations that lose data because of a disaster go out of business within two years. Increasingly, businesses are adopting cloud backup solutions to address data protection challenges. The reason is simple: Protecting data is difficult, expensive, unreliable, and unmanageable with traditional tape backup methods.

And the explosive growth of business data only increases the problem. Cloud data protection solutions that combine the latest advancements in disk-based backup with secure, integrated, cloud technologies offer organizations fast and assured recovery of their critical enterprise data, while reducing costs and freeing the IT staff to focus on more mission-critical projects. Cloud server backup solutions also reduce the burden of tape management and backup operations, by automatically storing the data safely offsite to protect for disaster-recovery purposes.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.