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HomeKit and Apple TV: The perfect combo to manage your home while away?

Apple's HomeKit suite of tools claims to offer total control over your home's appliances all from your iOS device, providing you're in range of your home Wi-Fi. However, the central hub you need to access all this remotely may already be sitting in your living room, in the form of Apple TV.

When the company revealed HomeKit at its Worldwide Developers Conference this month, there was major excitement about the possibility of controlling your thermostat, security systems or any other smart device simply by using your phone.

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However, communicating with these devices from remote locations was more of a challenge. Nest's Learning Thermostat has already demonstrated the possibilities for remotely accessing your home appliances, but it's unlikely that consumers will want to download multiple apps for each device and share their home's information with countless companies.

Luckily, Apple may already have a product that can solve all these issues. While the current batch of Apple TVs may not possess the processing power or storage required to manage all your home's appliances, the potential is there to turn the device into your home's central hub.

Apple TV is Wi-Fi-enabled, more power-efficient than a desktop computer and runs a modified form of iOS that would allow it to interact with third-party apps. Using the Apple TV as a hub could also add an extra security layer between your home's devices and the individual companies operating them.

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The potential for this set-up is rather large, with the ability to manage your home while away, all through your handset. At an estimated 20 million sold worldwide, the number of Apple TVs in people's homes is on the increase, and the potential uses for it in conjunction with HomeKit are exciting.