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Nexus 9 tech specs spilled, 64-bit Tegra K1 chip on board

We've long been hearing rumours about a new Nexus tablet coming out as an 8in or 8.9in model, and the weight of that speculation has increased with some alleged specs now being spilled.

HTC is apparently making this slate, which is known as the HTC Volantis (and also the codename Flounder), and Android Police – which is pretty confident in its source in this case – says the tablet is being referred to internally as the Nexus 9, and it will be an 8.9in model.

The screen resolution is 2,048 x 1,440 (giving 281 ppi), and the CPU is a Tegra K1 64-bit affair backed up with 2GB of RAM (we'd have expected 3GB there, really). There'll be an 8 megapixel rear camera (with optical image stabilisation) and a 3 megapixel front-facer, with 16GB and 32GB storage options.

The slate will benefit from an aluminium "zero-gap" construction, and will be 7.9mm thick, weighing 418 grams. Stereo front-facing speakers will also be on the slate courtesy of HTC.

The specs look to be a full and official affair, and tie in with previous rumours we've heard that the new Nexus tablet would have a 64-bit Tegra chip on board.

What's also interesting is the price, which Android Police says will start at $399 (£235) for the 16GB model, and $499 (£295) for 32GB. Pitched at that level, it would seem that this is a replacement for the Nexus 10, as opposed to a step up from the Nexus 7 as we've previously been talking about.

While we were hoping to see the Nexus 9 revealed this week, Android Police believe this won't be the case, and that we won't see this tablet until the fourth quarter. Let's hope they're wrong on that point, and we get a glimpse of something juicy in terms of hardware at Google I/O this week.