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Sky Go no longer a free service on games consoles

From 29 July, Sky has announced that customers will no longer be able to access Sky Go on their games consoles without paying a monthly fee.

The company sent users a letter that detailed the new policy earlier this week. Customers will still have the option of using Sky Go, but they will now have to pay an additional £5 a month to upgrade to Sky Go Extra if they want to continue using it on their video gaming consoles.

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Sky Go launched in 2006 as an on-demand video platform under the name Sky Anytime on PC. The service, which allows Sky customers to watch live TV on laptops, mobile devices or games consoles, will still be free of charge on other platforms despite the change.

As well as the option to stream on consoles, users who upgrade to Sky Go Extra will also be able to register four devices to the service instead of the usual two and download shows for offline viewing.

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It remains to be seen how subscribers will respond to the policy amendment, particularly with a full Sky package costing up to £67.25 a month already.

Sky has yet to disclose the reasons for the change, but it is likely to be an attempt to stop multiple users from sharing the subscription fee and watching content in different locations.