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Smartphone battery-boosting JUMP Cable out now for just £39

Smartphone battery life is about to get a shot in the arm thanks to a new two-in-one battery and charging cable that is priced at just £39.

The JUMP Cable, which has been designed by Native Union, provides up to a third of the smartphones’s battery power in order to bridge the gap between charges and all this from a device that is around the size of a ring box.

“Existing solutions on the market were either too bulky, required additional messy wires or relied upon me remembering to charge them. It’s because of this that we developed a new solution that is thoughtful, intelligent and efficient by design,” explained Chris Place, senior designer at Native Union.

The device comes in two different incarnations with one including a Lightning connector and the other a microUSB cable so that Android and iOS devices can both be charged easily.

Users need not worry about charging the cable up as once the smartphone has been charged the power from the laptop or wall socket is automatically redirected into the JUMP Cable using AutoCharge technology.

The JUMP Cable was originally launched on the Kickstarter crowdsourcing site and raised over $372,000 [£218,500] in funding from upwards of 7,000 backers with all of those customers already receiving the product.

“It’s those last few hours in the day when you need it, right? And the size fits into that coin pocket in your jeans - no more crazy power cases for me,” stated Casey Lau, Founder of StartupsHK and a Kickstarter Backer who has already received his JUMP.

Anyone interested in buying the JUMP cable can pick one up from Native Union’s website and it is priced at £39.99 for either version.