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Tech News Weekly podcast 23: Microsoft vs China, UK government vs UK citizens and the Nokia Lumia 630

This week's Tech News Weekly episode is a bit of a security-fest.

As well as discussing the $2 billion worth of secret Microsoft patents leaked by China and the lifting of restrictions on satellite images, we also chat about the UK's claim that it has the right to spy on communications made on services, as long as their origins are overseas.

In the middle of all that though, Wayne Scott, Alysia Judge, Paul Cooper and Tom Phelan take a break to debate the Nokia Lumia 630 - is any good?

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Articles discussed this week:

China just leaked $2 billion of secret Microsoft Android patents

Hands-on with Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 630

Now we're being watched by Google, in even higher quality

UK government releases justification for spying on citizens