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Three follows EE with inTouch app offering Wi-Fi phone calls

Three has announced a new app, Three inTouch, which will let its users make voice calls and send texts via a Wi-Fi connection – which is a very handy ability to have in more remote areas where you might not get a mobile signal, but you can get online on a wireless network.

This move follows swiftly on the heels of the announcement of a similar service last week by EE (which is part of a £275 million investment drive by EE to extend phone coverage). However, Three's offering is different in that it's an app, whereas EE is integrating its service into the phone's native dialler, which is obviously more convenient for users.

Three's app isn't out just yet, but the network is planning to launch it in early August. It will be available to all customers, across contracts and PAYG, for free. Calls (or texts) will come out of the user's allowance as per normal.

In a press release, Three said: "With Three inTouch customers can make and receive calls and text messages when they connect to Wi-Fi. It's a free app which uses their existing monthly allowance or prepaid credit for any minutes or texts used. The service is seamless and uses the customers' usual Three phone number."

Three also recently announced that it was ditching roaming charges for five more countries including France.