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Today's Tech: Google I/O schedule, British Gas phishing attack and Nokia Lumia 630 review

Twitter suffers a Gas leak

British Gas was left with egg on its face after falling prey to a phishing attack that spammed followers with strange tweets.

Security expert Graham Cluley spotted the tweets, which included comments like "I'm laughing so much right now at this", and "haha this tweet by you is cool," which clearly indicated that the account had been compromised.

The messages were swiftly removed, but the repurcussions were more sinister for anyone who clicked on the links.

The "haha" and "lol" type tweets posted contained a shortened link that led to what appeared to be the official Twitter site telling the user that their session had ended, and to log back in. Of course, this was a fake site – as an examination of the URL would reveal – and if you did log back in, you gave the phishers your account and password on a plate.

Google I/O 2014

In case you hadn't heard, Google I/O is just a few days away. Kicking off in San Francisco, it promises to be one of the most popular developer events of the year and we'll be liveblogging every second of it as the curtain lifts on 25 June at 9am PDT / 5pm BST.

Some of the highlights of the two day conference are bound to be new details on Google's plans for wearable technology, and perhaps an announcement of a brand new Android operating system: Android 5.0 Lollipop.

ITProPortal podcast

This week's Tech News Weekly podcast is a bit of a security fest, as the team dissects the news that $2 billion worth of secret Microsoft patents were leaked by China. We also hear how restrictions have been lifted on Satellite imagery, meaning you can zoom in to previously unseen detail, and how the UK claims that it has a right to spy on communications made on services, as long as their origins are overseas.

We also mull over the new Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone – is it any good? Does the new Windows Phone 8.1 work? Is it value for money? Tune in to find out, and check out our full review here.