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Welsh government moving sites to .cymru and .wales

Wales will change its government sites over to .cymru and .wales domain suffixes from 2015 to take advantage of its launch this September.

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The Welsh government sites will be some of the highest profile sites to switch over as it plans to abandon the domain next year to one that better reflects its corner of the United Kingdom.

“This provides us with an opportunity to set Wales apart online and promote the unique benefits of our country, both economically and culturally. By securing bilingual domain names we are also able to promote and encourage the use of the Welsh language online,” stated Wales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones.

Nominet, the company that just launched the .uk domain, is managing the roll out of the new suffixes and the everyday running of the two will also come under the auspices of the same organisation.

“The Welsh Government has warmly endorsed .cymru and .wales right from the start and we are delighted that they have committed to making the switch. This move is a fitting celebration of the beginning of an online space that is truly Welsh,” Rennie Fritchie, chair of Nominet, added.

Those that are holders of trademarks are urged to act now in order to secure the domain of choice by submitting it to the Trademark Clearing House before the end of July with more information available at this link.

Even businesses or individuals that don’t own trademarks and run a business in the principality will have an opportunity to secure the corresponding domain and are urged to declare an interest here.

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