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Microsoft’s fragile Surface Pro 3 is impossible to repair

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 scored a dismal one of out 10 on iFixit’s feted teardown report as owners were warned to not even attempt prying the slate open due to its fragile screen.

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The company’s latest hybrid tablet PC followed in the footsteps of its predecessors by scoring the second lowest out-of-10 score available on the iFixit’s scale that is mainly due to the delicate nature of the device and how much adhesive is used.

iFixit gets to work on the device and it’s clear from the outset that the Surface Pro 3 isn’t an easy nut to crack with the guitar pick and heat method employed to pry open the shell resulting in a cracked screen not even halfway round the shell.

Microsoft has made the glass much thinner on the new tablet and although this has meant it is both thinner and lighter, it has also made it far less rugged and led Gwendolyn from iFixit to recommend getting a protective case ASAP.

Once inside the Surface Pro 3 the team at iFixit found its next bug bear in the shape of a dark tar-like adhesive that made it very tricky to remove the battery in one piece and was strong enough to hold a full-sized pint glass upside down – minus the beer.

The teardown next shows the fan and cooling unit involved that is more akin to what comes inside the laptop and the closest that iFixit has seen to a full-fledged laptop in its recent tablet teardowns.

One positive that iFixit reported is that the SSD can be easily replaced though in doing so owners seriously risk damaging the tablet by simply prying it open to take a peek inside.

Disadvantages come in the shape of the fused display assembly being incredibly difficult to replace or remove, the fact there is way too much adhesive holding the whole slate together, and the opening procedure that left absolutely no room for errors.

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Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 earlier on this year and the various options start off at £639 with the UK release date of 28 August.