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UK Android tablet revenue per session up 495%

Europeans are outstripping Americans in the mobile shopping stakes with revenue per session showing a huge three figure increase when it comes to UK tablet users.

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Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly report for EQ1 2014 shows that tablet use has doubled in the UK and shown a five-fold increase in Germany with this contributing to an increase in the amount of buying taking place. As a result, revenue per session on Android tablets in the UK has increased by a massive 495 per cent and it also showed a rise of 144 per cent on Apple’s iPad.

The data, which came from looking at seven billion online shopping experiences, illustrates that window shoppers are increasingly turning idle browsing into end purchases. In this sense revenue per session has increased by 47 per cent and average order value is up 33 per cent even though browsing itself has shown a decline.

“By the time customers reach your site, they’ve likely been exposed to something that peaked their interest and pushed them into ‘buy mode.’ As a result, it has become increasingly clear that creating highly relevant and personalised multi-channel experiences for your customers is now a requirement for strong growth,” stated David Brussin, CEO and founder of Monetate.

Social media is another medium that is taking on a more vital role when it comes to online purchases and this is as customers are using "social to shop" less than before. Instead of this, image-based social networks are driving more order value with Instagram showing an increase of 149 per cent in this sense and the report illustrates that just 40 per cent of the top 100 brands are using Pinterest to help drive sales.

Lastly, the report found that the most lucrative buyers in the UK use Apple laptops and desktops with purchases made using Facebook advertisements.