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Daily tech deals: Last of Us Remastered PS4 for just £34.98

Having scooped over 200 Game of the Year awards, The Last of Us has been rebuilt for the PlayStation 4 console.

Now featuring full 1080p, higher resolution character models and improved shadows and lighting, if you were impressed by the stunning graphics on PS3 you'll be blown away here.

The game will launch on 25 July and retail for a hefty £54.99. However Zaavi are currently selling The Last of Us remastered on pre-order for just £34.98. This works out as a whopping £20.01 saving.

For those of you who've been living in the wilds of Alaska and have only just reconnected with civilisation, here's a rough synopsis of The Last of Us:

"20 years after a pandemic has radically changed known civilization, infected humans run wild and survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on.

Joel, a violent survivor, is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, out of an oppressive military quarantine zone, but what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal journey across the US."

Get the deal here.