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Facebook’s Slingshot app launches in the UK

Facebook's Slingshot messaging app is now available in the UK, following its launch in the US last week.

Facebook said that the initial launch in the States was successful, and that it has decided to roll out Slingshot internationally, so it will be available across the globe and not just in this country.

Slingshot, which is produced by Creative Labs, is a Snapchat-style app which lets you fling pictures or videos to your friends. The main point of differentiation is that in order to view a received image or video clip, you have to sling something to the sender first – which, frankly, just sounds like a pain.

Facebook says it will mean "everyone participates on Slingshot", and that "there ends up being way less pressure and way more creativity" as a result. Hmm... you're forced to send your own message to see something, yet there's "less pressure". Okaaayy...

What it does ensure, of course, is that the messaging service is used a lot more.

Incidentally, you may have seen that Facebook accidentally launched the app prematurely two weeks ago.

If you fancy a crack at slinging some shots, then you can download Slingshot for iOS, and also for Android (Jelly Bean or KitKat).