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Google Glass trains users to survive the zombie apocalypse

Still trying to justify the cost of Google Glass to yourself, or your significant other? The ability to use it to evade zombies and get fit in the process might not be enough to tip the balance, but it’s certainly another tick in the 'for' column.

Immersive fitness app Zombies, Run! has been adapted to work with Google’s wearable. If you’re not familiar with it, the app essentially turns a real-world jog into a journey through the zombie apocalypse. On Android and iOS it’s pretty much an audio-only affair, but the Glass Edition changes that.

The forthcoming release boasts a new interface designed for Glass and lets runners easily monitor their pace, distance, and time at any moment, as well as providing real-time visual information on events like chases and item pickups.

ZR Glass Edition includes the first three missions of Season one for free, and lets you listen to your own music tracks, and even stream songs from Google Play Music (this last feature, along with Spotify support, is also coming to the Android edition at some point in the future).

Of course if you’re running through a dodgy neighborhood wearing expensive Glass specs, it might not only be zombies coming after you…