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IBM aims to manage big data through Navigator on Cloud solution

IBM has launched its Navigator on Cloud offering that promises to improve worker and team productivity through an enterprise content management [ECM] solution delivered in the cloud.

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The offering, which is built on SoftLayer technology, lets companies utilise big data capabilities as and when they are needed in order to deal with the galleons of data that are commonplace in the current climate.

“It opens the opportunity to make that information available when and where people need that, so we have been focused on providing more flexibility and more value into data for clients in an easier way,” Paul Fitzpatrick, director of ECM at IBM, told V3.

IBM’s new offering allows content to be synchronised across both desktop, browser-based and mobile devices, thus making it simple for all staff to collaborate with the insights provided. This also means that it will be an important tool for small and large businesses alike.

"I think there are also large enterprises that have invested heavily in ECM, but want to extend that through a cloud-based service. There is certainly a huge opportunity for smaller firms that may not have considered the full benefits of a robust enterprise ECM in the past, but also for large enterprises that have invested heavily in ECM, but want to extend that to a cloud-based service,” Fitzpatrick added.

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Navigator on Cloud will be scalable, in this sense, and allow firms to deal with the current “data deluge” as quickly and effectively as possible. The product is the 15th data application that IBM has launched on its cloud marketplace and is all part of IBM’s $24 billion [£14 billion] worth of investment in technology, and the new implementation is available to customers immediately.