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Lenovo Glass on the way? Chinese firm issues wearable warning to Google

Chinese electronics giant, Lenovo, looks set to enter the wearable technology market after filing a patent for an "Electronic Device and Sound Capturing Method".

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While the patent is careful to not use the word "wearable", perhaps to avoid any lawsuits with competitors, the images show a device that certainly bears a resemblance to Google Glass.

The device consists of an audio and video recorder and light-pump VOD displays from Lumus Labs, a company working on augmented reality glasses. In practice, the device would incorporate a wearable heads-up display and wireless communication through bone conduction microphones.

The product, which appeared on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website this week, is described as a recording device and it remains to be seen how it will match up against more established products in the wearable tech market.

The patent is also a bold move for the company which has yet to conquer the mobile space and is largely known through its ThinkPad range of products.

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As with any patent, it does not necessarily follow that the pictured device will ever be made, but the fact that Lenovo seems willing to enter the field demonstrates the growing interest in wearable technology.