Skip to main content and Philips launch cloud-based professional healthcare platform and Philips Healthcare are teaming up to develop an open cloud-based platform that gives healthcare professionals the chance to develop closer interaction with patients by leveraging the platform.

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The deal will take advantage of each company’s expertise with a platform that allows data to be collected from a number of sources across the globe and then analysed to assist clinical professionals in the treatment of chronic conditions.

"We have entered a new transformative era for healthcare, and technology is enabling the industry to connect to, care for and engage with patients and each other in a profound new way,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, “Together with Philips, we are creating an open health platform and ecosystem to benefit everyone that cares about one of the most important issues of our time."

The service, based on the Salesforce1 platform, allows collaboration and workflow in addition to the integration of data from multiple sources across the globe including electronic medical records, diagnostic and treatment information. All of this is obtained using Philips imaging and monitoring equipment, as well as personal devices and technologies like Apple’s HealthKit.

Two clinical applications have already been developed in the shape of the Philips eCareCoordinator and Philips eCareCompanion, both being released on the platform later this summer.

Each application sets out to help care teams monitor patients with chronic conditions in their own homes. The apps will also see Philips’ Hospital to Home clinical programs, including Banner iCare, piloted at the Banner Health accountable care organisation in Arizona, US.

“Healthcare data exists in many different forms and in many different systems today. Together with, we have a tremendous opportunity to reshape and optimize the way healthcare is delivered and provide better access to data across the continuum of care,” added Frans van Houten, CEO of Philips.

The platform is open and as such the partnership expects a “vibrant ecosystem of partners creating applications” and it’s hoped it will change the way professional healthcare is delivered in the future.

Image Credit: Flickr (Bart)