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UK businesses overwhelmed by cloud service providers

UK users are finding it hard to make the transition to cloud due to there being too much choice.

A survey carried out by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) found that 88 per cent of those questioned had faced an unexpected challenge.

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UK firms are apparently finding it harder than others, as 98 per cent of respondents said that they had experienced problems.

The survey found that the biggest issues faced by users were: pricing and performance (38 per cent), support (36 per cent) and unexpected downtime (35 per cent).

It seems that cloud performance in Europe is mostly affected by "noisy neighbour" syndrome, where there are simply too many vendors offering too many services.

The survey also covered services that had stalled or failed. Amazon was ranked as having the highest failure rate at 63 per cent, followed by Rackspace at 57 per cent and Microsoft Azure at 44 per cent.

The report states, "At this early stage, reinforcing the level of cloud expertise resident within IT organisations leveraging cloud is paramount to successfully swinging the pendulum toward success.

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"It seems prudent to accept the fact that most cloud customers will not settle on a single vendor at this point in time. Instead, they will sample multiple cloud options to find the ones which best meet IT and business needs."

The survey was sponsored by VMware and questioned over 400 IT professionals from the UK, Europe, America and Asia-Pacific regions.

The survey was commissioned by iland.