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Want to win a free Surface Pro 3? All you need is Skype

The Surface Pro 3 is an amazing computer. It can be your full-time laptop, tablet and desktop too. Yes, there are less expensive computers, but if you can afford it, don't you deserve it?

Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, not everyone can afford a new computer. Between utility bills and the rising cost of gasoline for your car, there is not as much money to go around. College students in particular are aware of these woes, struggling to afford the high costs of education, while eating ramen soup.

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Luckily, it seems Microsoft understands these issues and wants you to have as Surface Pro 3 anyway. No, the company isn't just giving them away - the tech giant is having a sweepstakes in conjunction with Skype and you can possibly win one. Interested? Read on.

Every week during the month of June, if you make at least three calls from your Skype account to a cellphone or landline, you can win a Surface Pro 3. But wait, today is June 25, it is almost over, right? Exactly. Apparently, this is the final week of the contest, and there is only one prize remaining to win, so you had better act fast.

Besides making the calls, you must complete the entry form by clicking here. The prize is the Core i3 64GB variant. While not the top model, it is certainly powerful enough, and most users would be in computing nirvana.

Tell me what you will do with Surface Pro 3 if you win in the comments.