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Apple forms team to develop smart home devices for booming Internet of Things market

Apple’s ready to make inroads into the Internet of Things [IoT] sector by assembling a team to work on products that are specifically for use within the smart homes of the future.

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9to5Mac reports that Apple has put together a team to work on various hardware products that can be used around the home and each one will be closely integrated with current Apple devices that are on the market.

Even though the project is “beyond the exploratory phase of development”, the report does warn that Apple could choose to pause development at any time but the earlier arrival of HomeKit at WWDC 2014 makes this unlikely.

9to5Mac’s sources report that Apple has not identified what home devices it is developing though it thinks the home market is both important and lucrative with the devices likely to see “mainstream” usage.

Apple won’t be developing devices to compete with Google’s Nest as it thinks it can make devices that will be used more widely than smoke detectors and thermostats. The sources speculated that Apple is building advanced speaker systems or control panels for homes and they are likely to involve Beats Electronics technology.

Apple, at the start of this month, released HomeKit, which will be used to manage connected devices in the home, and it claims to be able to offer full control over your home when you aren’t there.

It’s rumoured that Apple TV could act as a central hub when it comes to controlling the new era of connected devices that Apple plans to release and thus allow the home to be managed whilst away on holiday or on work vacations.

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A timeline for the roll out of Apple connected devices has yet to be confirmed and the new iPhone and iMac will be released before it thinks about debuting any products to help out around the home.