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EE rolls out 4G coverage to another 14 towns in the UK

EE has once again announced further expansion of its 4G network, with another 14 towns across the UK feeling the benefit of faster mobile surfing (providing folks have a handset that supports LTE, of course).

How many cities and towns is that in total now, you might ask? And we might answer, that's 229 locations which are now covered by EE's 4G.

The new places which have just been added are: Mansfield, Swinton, Jarrow, Kirkby, Wishaw, Ilkeston, Castleford, Walton-On-Thames, Totton, Carrickfergus, Newton Abbot, Wimborne Minster, Ramsbottom and Dumbarton.

Olaf Swantee, EE's CEO, commented: "We're continuing to invest in bringing superfast 4G and the best quality of phone calls to more places in all four corners of the UK. We are switching on hundreds of 4G sites, and upgrading as many 2G and 3G sites, each month, and many of those are in rural areas where there is a real demand for voice and data services."

Last week, EE also announced that it's set to trial new tech to provide Wi-Fi and 4G voice calls for those in remote areas who might struggle to get a phone signal, but who can get online. Three then swiftly followed with the unveiling of its inTouch app for voice calls and texts via Wi-Fi (though EE's service isn't an app, but rather will be integrated into the phone's native dialler for extra convenience).