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YouTube reveals brand new features, including fan donations and Creator Studio app

YouTube has unveiled a number of new features which are out now, or in the pipeline, and are sure to please many a video clip creator, and even help them out financially.

The changes, which were announced at VidCon, the online video convention that's currently underway in Anaheim over in the US, include a facility where fans can gift a donation to support your channel. This feature will go into testing soon, apparently.

A new YouTube Creator Studio app (pictured above) has also been launched, to help YouTubers manage their content and check out analytics when they're out and about. The app is available on Android now, and will be coming to iOS in a matter of weeks.

Those who run gaming related channels will also be pleased to hear that support for 60 frames per second footage is planned, so viewers will be able to enjoy your running and gunning action in a more fluid form.

And another area where work is being done is subtitles, as fans of videos are going to be given the ability to submit translations for subtitles in any language, to make content accessible to more people across the globe. Though presumably this will have to be moderated somehow to prevent pranksters from striking...

A number of other features are also coming, such as new interactive information cards, and more ways to build playlists. Oh, and sound effects have been added to the Audio Library as of now – so if you want the sound of gunfire or paper ripping, you can add them or many others to your clip (all of them royalty-free, of course).

YouTube has been around for nine years now.