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Atos partners with SME for knowledge management

IT services provider Atos and an SME, cloud solutions firm Transversal, have teamed up to deliver a public sector knowledge management solution.

The small company will be joining the Atos SME Harbour – a platform that aims to enable simpler, safer, more transparent working relationships for SMEs working with government.

The new service, designed with Canopy Atos Cloud, is available on G-Cloud, aiming to reduce operational costs while maintaining a high quality product that aids in the shift towards digital.

The two firms hope their new offering will help the public sector manage the balance between public budget cuts and growing demand for fast, consistent, high-quality services from citizens.

Atos and Transversal claim they intend to allow Departments the chance to offer self-service technology across a wide selection of internal and external channels.

The solution offers both web and mobile self-service and a contact centre that is said to offer a seamless search function and access to answer of any questions they may have whenever they need it.

Local government already beginning adoption

According to the pair, Suffolk County Council has already signed up to their scalable cloud solution with the intention of rolling it out across a number of key services.

“The public sector has been a key focus for us over the past few years and we are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with a major industry player like Atos,” claimed Transversal CEO Davin Yap.

“Citizens are now used to getting their information and completing transactions online or via mobile and expect the superior self-service experiences that they find in the private sector.

“This continues to put pressure on public sector organisations to present the right information, at the right time – irrespective of the device – to their users,” he added.

Atos was recently named in a list of top 20 government suppliers who take home 20 per cent of its total annual spend.

While commentators worry that this may indicate that Whitehall is not as committed to the SME as it claims to be, the news of this partnership could indicate that smaller businesses gain chances to work with government via larger firms.

“Transversal is a great example of the type of world-class small businesses the UK has to offer and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with the company, and others like them, in the future,” claimed Atos head of digital, Rob Price.