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BT broadband customers hit by connection issues over the weekend

At the weekend, BT broadband customers were hit by connection problems which caused the ISP to apologise on Twitter.

Apparently DNS issues started first thing on Saturday morning, leaving some BT customers unable to visit certain websites (including social media and banking sites, as well as online shopping – and BT's website itself, which left people looking for help online high and dry).

As to how many customers were affected? Apparently even BT couldn't say so itself, but it was a large number. The Beeb reported that users in Cornwall, Eastbourne, Preston and Tunbridge Wells were hit, as well as some other areas.

At any rate, the issue was fixed just before the morning was out, as a few minutes before midday on Saturday BT Care tweeted: "Sorry about the issues many of you had accessing the Internet this morning. Problem is now fixed – sorry for any trouble caused."

Some folks on Twitter weren't happy that it took BT three hours to notify customers concerning the incident. One user noted: "A true customer service department would have updated its customers sooner. Shoddy work as per usual!"

Another complained: "I wish you'd tweeted about it earlier, I spent an hour thinking it was my browser and deleted cache and all sorts."