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How to watch Andy Murray vs Kevin Anderson live on TV and online

Can Andy Murray do it again this year and conquer Wimbledon, cheering the UK up after what can only be described as a dismal World Cup exit?

Well, the Scot certainly looks in good shape to do so. While he looked a little tired when we caught some of him at the French Open, he's looked anything but that in his first three matches on centre court, where he has dispatched his opponents in straight sets with no messing around. Only Goffin managed to win a respectable amount of games within those sets, in fact.

So expectations are running high, as this afternoon Murray faces Kevin Anderson at around 15:00 GMT.

The giant South African is six foot eight and seeded number twenty, but he's only got as far as the fourth round in Wimbledon (or any grand slam tournament) previously. And it's unlikely he'll manage to better that today – though Murray doubtless will not be taking anything for granted.

Want to watch the action on centre court live, online? Well then head here to the official Wimbledon site at 15:00 (well, just before to be safe) with your beverage of choice at the ready. Or, alternatively, you can point your browser at iPlayer Live to see the TV coverage from the Beeb.

Naturally, BBC1 is where you'll find the match on your TV, in both standard definition and HD channels.