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Microsoft smartwatch information leaked: Expected to be slimmer than rivals

Information about Microsoft's upcoming wearable has been revealed by a source this week.

Rumours of Microsoft bringing out a smartwatch have been spreading around the Internet for the last few months, but this particular leak packs much more detail than its predecessors.

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The source - who claims to have knowledge of Microsoft developments - says that there will be 11 sensors under the hood and has also made us aware of some of the device's design features.

Microsoft's smartwatch is expected to be much slimmer than most of the others on the market and interestingly, the display will apparently be on the inside of the wrist opposed to the outside. According to the leak, turning your palm towards your face is "a lot more natural".

The release date is also expected to be pushed back to October, which is considerably later than the summertime launch we were previously expecting.

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Of course all the details of the smartwatch are still to be released, with Microsoft so far keeping mum over the device.

Source: Tom's Hardware