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The Syria Campaign targets Facebook's London HQ for protest tomorrow

Facebook's London offices are to be the target of a protest tomorrow, with activists aiming to get the social network to give back any money earned from the dictatorial regime in Syria.

The Syria Campaign is demanding that Facebook gives up any advert money which has come from Bashar al-Assad's wallet, and that said profits should be given to Syrian refugees in order to help their plight.

A month back, the group of activists launched a campaign against Zuckerberg's social network when it found out that Facebook was making money from Assad's campaign in his dubious election. Once this hit the media, Facebook said it would no longer run the ads – and that they had been placed from outside of Syria. However, the company kept any money which had been made up until that point.

The Syria Campaign is planning to set up a mock Facebook Syria office outside the social network's HQ in London, with activists dressed as Facebook staff, and prominent signs that declare "Open for Business in Syria".

Portraits of Assad and Zuckerberg are also promised. The protest is planned for tomorrow morning, 1 July, at 11:00 GMT.

Anna Nolan, Director of The Syria Campaign, commented: "It is unconscionable that Facebook, who made profits of more than one billion last year would keep money it made from promoting the activities of a murderous dictator – while over 9 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, and more than 3 million refugees have fled the country."

We shall have to see what Facebook's response will be to the angry visitors on its doorstep tomorrow.