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Amazon opens doors of Appstore Developer Select Programme in UK

Amazon has announced the launch of its Appstore Developer Select Programme in the UK (and also Germany, France and Spain).

The programme is free to sign up, for devs who are prepared to optimise their wares for Amazon's store and Fire OS, and it offers a number of boons in terms of flogging your apps.

These include making your app more visible with premium placement in the Amazon Appstore, along with 500,000 ad impressions on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network for the US version of an app. Those who make their programme-included app available in the US store and also enhance it for the new Fire phone will benefit from a 500,000 Amazon Coins offer, with those coins dispensed to American buyers as incentives to purchase.

US consumers will be able to use the coins to buy new apps and games from the store, and participating developers will also get credits equal to 25 per cent off their first $2,000 (£1,170) in AWS services annually.

So how do you optimise your app for Amazon and qualify for the scheme? Briefly, you need to include the relevant Amazon APIs (for example GameCircle, In-App Purchasing, and Mobile Ads) where they're available, and ensure your software renders natively in HD, using the full display without any stretching or other unwanted distortion. For the full details, check here.

Mike George, VP of Amazon Appstore and Games, commented: "Mobile app developers have told us that getting their apps discovered across the numerous devices customers are using is one of their biggest challenge. With the Appstore Developer Select programme, we're addressing these discoverability concerns by providing developers with enhanced merchandising opportunities. In addition, we're helping drive sales by offering Coins rewards on high quality, engaging apps for customers."

The programme first kicked off in the US last October.