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Apple launches back to school promotion with a free £60 gift card with every Mac purchase

Once again, Apple has launched its back to school promotion that, like previous years, includes a $100 (£60) gift card with every purchase of a Mac and a $50 (£30) gift card when you purchase an iPad or iPhone.

This deal will last until September 9 this year and is available in many regions such as the UK, the United States, Canada and many European countries for students that are interested in purchasing any Mac (excluding the Mac Mini) or any iPhone or iPad at the Apple store. As well as this, students can receive education discount pricing for some of these products like the new Mac which they can save up to £175 on.

The giveaway gift of course means that students can start the school year with an all-new apple product and their preferred apps and music that they can purchase with their free gift card which will leave a lot of them ready for the new school year.

This is not just a spontaneous decision by Apple. In fact, the company has launched the same promotion for the last few years, each time bringing more profit to the company. However, it never quite does as well as Microsoft's back to school promotion, where the Redmond-based company gives away a free Xbox controller with purchases of most Xbox products.