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BBC appoints Matthew Postgate as new chief technology officer

The BBC has today announced the appointment of Matthew Postgate as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

In his new role, Postgate will report to the managing director of finance and operations, Anne Bulford, and will be responsible for overseeing the BBC's technology strategy.

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In particular, he will be in charge of the Corporation's IT requirements alongside delivering its broadcast and enterprise technology infrastructure.

In doing so, he will leave his current position as the BBC's controller of R&D where he focused on innovation and Internet technologies and worked with the team that will deliver the world's first UHD (4k) broadcasts over Internet (IP) and broadcast technologies (DTT).

Anne Bulford said of the new appointment, "Matthew knows technology, he knows the BBC and he knows how crucial this role is for the BBC. He has all the qualities needed to excel in this position and I know he will bring innovation, expertise and value to the BBC. I would also like to thank Peter Coles for his excellent stewardship of the team over the year as interim CTO."

The Corporation will be hoping that Postgate's time in the role is a successful one after dismissing former CTO, John Linwood. Linwood lost his job in July last year after the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) that he oversaw was branded a "total failure" by the Public Accounts Committee, costing the BBC £100 million.

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Matthew Postgate will start as the Corporation's new CTO on Monday 28 July.