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Fire TV update issued by Amazon, with music too

Amazon is now into the set-top box market, diving in full force to compete with the likes of Roku and Apple TV. Since launching the product, the retailer has already released a software update, and now a second is rolling out, but on a gradual programme. Some users are reporting having already received it, though not all of us have.

The update takes the software to version 51.1.1, upgrading from the current 51.0.2 and adding music to the mix. This seems logical, given Prime has just added a streaming service. However, according to Dave Zatz, who already has the update, that is surprisingly not included - an omission that seems a bit strange.

"Of course, Amazon Cloudplayer was a bizarre and notable absence upon Amazon Fire TV launch and this update goes a long way towards filling the gap. Yet the Fire TV team clearly remains out of sync with other Amazon initiatives as the newly announced Amazon Prime Music service is MIA", Zatz writes.

BetaNews got in touch with Amazon to inquire about the update and addition of music, but the reply was somewhat less than we had anticipated, ignoring the music and focusing on the update aspect.

A narrow rollout began last week and we’re rolling it out widely over the next couple weeks. You should receive the update soon on your device.

That is the only information the company provided to us, and the link doesn't really go any further. It's baffling that Prime Music would not be included - and likely it will be later - but this seems a bit odd. The company obviously knew about it's launch, and could have, and should have, had something ready to go.