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Images of iPhone 6 display cover are spilled onto the net

As the iPhone 6 draws ever nearer – with a purported 19 September release date, just over two months away now – more and more leakage is spilling concerning the handset.

This morning we saw a video of a dummy iPhone 6 simulated (via video trickery) running iOS 8, which made for some interesting viewing, and now we've been treated to leaked images of the display cover for the next-gen iPhone.

These come courtesy of 9 to 5 Mac, and the tech site was sent them by prominent leaker Sonny Dickson. They show the 4.7in standard-sized iPhone 6 (as opposed to the 5.5in phablet which is set to follow later) display glass cover in both black and white. There's also a comparison shot of the upcoming model next to the 4in screen of the iPhone 5S, which you can see above (the new one being on the right, obviously enough).

The pics show the rounded edges of the new device, and of course the tall, yet not overly wide 4.7in display, as seen in many previous leaks. As 9 to 5 Mac notes, though, the appearance of this part indicates that mass production is cranking up now July has arrived, as rumour mongers said it would.

It's also interesting to note a new small hole to the left of the ear speaker – that might just be a new position for the front-facing camera, or it could be a new sensor gizmo.

The iPhone 6 will supposedly boast a resolution of 1,704 x 960 and will come complete with NFC and wireless charging, so the rumour mill reckons.

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Image Credit: 9 to 5 Mac